Flash-Chilled Coffee (6 pack)

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Brewed hot and immediately flash-chilled in the heart of Seattle, Coldwave canned coffee is the premier chilled coffee beverage that is better than cold brew.

Product Details:

  • 6 cans of flash-chilled coffee
  • Brewed, flash-chilled, and canned in Seattle
  • Ingredients: Brewed Arabica Coffee (Water, Arabica Coffee Beans)

Why flash-chilled?

We’re using better coffee than any canned coffee on the market today. “Single-origin” doesn’t mean a single country - Kolla Bolcha is from a specific washing station and a specific lot. While it’s not listed on the cans, our coffee is lot #4 from Kolla Bolcha, and you can enjoy each one knowing it holds the same level of integrity, flavor, and passion.