The Ultimate Beverage Chiller

Cool any beverage, instantly.

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The Ultimate Beverage Chiller

The Coldwave allows you to make the freshest iced coffee on the market in any kitchen. In addition, the ColdWave is the fastest way to cool down coffee, tea, and other beverages without dilution.

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"I use this and I love it! You can take any hot drink, and it's cool in under two minutes...Really fast and easy"

-Steve Greenberg, on The Today Show

"It just makes it cold pretty quickly and I like that a lot…The coffee coming out is as good as the coffee you put in.”

James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion, Author of World Atlas of Coffee

"It preserves all of the acidity and flavors of proper extraction without muddling or diluting the brew. Hands down, this is the future of iced coffee.”

Ryan McDonnell, Tasting Manager, Starbucks’ Roy Street Cafe

Stop Waiting and Start Living

With The Coldwave, you can cool the hottest beverages in less than 2 minutes and room temperature beverages in 30 seconds.

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We’re confident that you’re going to love your Coldwave, but if for any reason you don’t just send it back to us, risk free.

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